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Hosting Guideline A suitable guideline to choose your Hosting plan Starts at $1.99/month Free SSL certificate Managed WordPress 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 24/7/365 Support 99,90% Uptime Guarantee View Details A web developer is a programmer who creates programs and applications for the World Wide

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Web Development
Maher Hossain

Web Developer in Bangladesh

The life of a web developer in Bangladesh can sometimes be a rewarding one. But parents’ breath may not be as excited that your neck may be lower than. This is especially if they are claiming to do more within less time.

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Web Design
Maher Hossain

What is the DOCTYPE declaration in HTML?

The DOCTYPE declaration is used to inform the visitor’s web browser that the document being rendered is an HTML document. Every HTML document should be with a DOCTYPE declaration to be compliant with HTML standards.

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Maher Hossain

How to Become a Digital Entrepreneur

Digital entrepreneurs are digital platform-focused entrepreneurs, and digital platforms are coupled with multiple social channels, e-commerce, and more to delineate businesses that produce digital products and services that are sold, supplied, and fully endorsed online.

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